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QUITTER helps you quit smoking with Twitter and Facebook.

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This service has been created by @nakamurahiroki for himself to quit smoking. The first week without a smoke is the toughest. You need everyone's support to keep yourself from not smoking, but it's also a bit shameful to announce to everyone that "I've quit smoking! Oh yeah!"

If you sign in to 'Quitter', it will automatically tweet how long you've kept away from smoking, and also how much money you saved from it. The great thing about it is that you don't have to keep telling everyone you quit. The program will do it for you!

  • It will automatically tweet "XX days since I quit smoking."

  • You can choose how frequently it will tweet, from once every hour to once a day.

  • It will also tweet how much money you saved by not having to buy a pack of cigarette.

  • By automatically tweeting to all your followers, it will keep on motivating you to not smoke again. This may be a bit annoying at first, but soon you’ll feel responsible to remain a non-smoker!

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